The advantages of galvanizing


An aesthetic and sustainable choice to highlight your work

Raw galvanisation is an aesthetically-pleasing matter. To ensure architectural harmony, it can be painted the colour of your choosing.

Ready-to-use products

Once galvanised, parts can be transported and installed easily, regardless of weather conditions.

An industry that offers technical assistance

Galvanisation companies are available to listen to your concerns: get them involved from the initial design of your part or work, so they can advise you as to the right materials and adequate installation process.

An economical and very interesting solution

For a total life cycle of about 30 years, hot-dip galvanising works out about half the price of other systems, regardless of initial cost.

Exceptional longevity, with no maintenance needed

A hot-dip galvanised part does not require any maintenance for over 30 years, under normal conditions of use.

Overall protection for parts

A hot-dip galvanised part is entirely protected: both on the outside and in inaccessible areas (hollow parts, tubes, etc.) which other processes cannot reach. This guarantees full anti-corrosive protection.

Remarkable mechanical properties

The surface of a hot-dip galvanised steel part is made up of several zinc-iron intra-metallic layers that are harder than steel. This coating offers exceptional resistance, as well as good adherence.

Twice-protected products

Hot-dip galvanisation offers dual protection for steel: physical protection (screening barrier that isolates the steel) and electro-chemical protection (cathodic effect that prevents corrosion from spreading in the event of superficial damage).

Efficient anti-corrosion guarantees

Post-manufacture galvanisation ensures a 10-year guarantee against corrosion. Certain automotive manufacturers who use galvanised steel allow for their guarantees to run 12 to 15 years. The above is for information purposes only and is in no way contractual. Guarantees may be granted on a case-by-case basis by galvanising companies.

Perfectly recyclable products

In the same way as steel, the zinc used during the galvanisation process to protect the metal is recyclable. It is of natural origin and can be reused indefinitely, whilst preserving all its properties.